18 thoughts on “Hallmark Mysteries Cancel Two Titles

  1. Hailey Dean mysteries was one of my favorites. I hate to see that it was cancelled. I hope that Hallmark has some decent movies to take the place of Hailey Dean and Picture Perfect mysteries!!!

  2. Big mistake Hallmark canceling Hailey Dean Mysteries. They were on top along with Aurora Teagarden, Chronicle Mysteries and Hannah Swenson.

    1. Never saw Murder She Baked. However I think Chronicle Mysteries is amazing though and I really liked Hailey and Fincher together on Hailey Dean.

  3. Im also disappointed. Im just watching reruns of Mystery Woman with Kellie Martin, and it got me thinking when will they air new episodes of Hailey Dean. I will the banter between Fincher and Hailey Dean.

  4. I can’t believe they canceled Hailey Dean! I hope Hallmark was smart enough to sign Kellie Martin in a new mystery series. I started watching her in Mystery Women and have been watching her every since. I hope Hallmark knows what they’re doing. I just got their streaming channel only to find out some of my favorite mystery series are being canceled. Very disappointing!! My best to Kellie and the rest of the cast. You will most certainly be missed.

  5. Kellie wish you the best,God will open a door and place you where you need to be ,how about writing and directing your own like Danika and Jessica on GAC, you are so talented

  6. I have really enjoyed Aurora Teagarden and Hailey Dean mysteries. I understand why Aurora Teagarden was dropped but Kelly Martin is still a great fit for Hallmark. Please reconsider.

    1. I agree with you but it seems like they are going for a new generation of leads for their Mysteries. Doesn’t mean that we can’t see more Kellie if she is open to it.

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