6 thoughts on “CUT COLOR MURDER – New Hallmark Signature Mystery

    1. Done some checking and as far as I can tell it is an original mystery with no book series behind it. Do you prefer those ones based on books or the relatively rare I guess original Signature Mysteries?

  1. What is the deal with the picture that drops out of the folder ( in the closing cemetery scene) which reveals the new detective knew Dan ( deceased officer)?

  2. I like Julie Gonzalo, but I thought parts of this mystery were a little corny. If this will be a new series and you’ve already decided not to bring back two others, where does that leave the Mystery 101 series. Its the best of all of the newer ones. The dynamics between Jill and Kristoffer and Robin are so great. Please bring number eight sooner rather than later. Number seven was a cliffhanger that needs a follow-up. Thanks for giving us something good to watch.

  3. I hope they do afew more. Love Hallmark series. Hope more like Murder She Bakes and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries! I don’t like the dirty language and extreme bloody violence other channels have. I also love Hallmark Comedy movies. I don’t care for gay stuff that’s been coming on. I’m a Christian. It’s hard finding good shows anymore. Let others stations show that junk. Please.

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