10 thoughts on “A ZEST FOR DEATH: Alison Sweeney Announces A New Instalment

  1. I thought I had read all Hannah Swensen mysteries. I can’t find one with this title. Does it have another title?

    1. First thanks for reading, as for when A Zest For Death will premiere Hallmark haven’t released a date yet. Probably going to be a bit of a wait though.

  2. Why is a carrot cake mystery different from the rest of the movie series? Hannah’s sister was Andrea and was married with a baby.

  3. I loved this movie except for the ending. I thought it was the best mystery out of all the movies in the series. Waiting for the next one to air will be very difficult, but it’s worth the wait.

  4. I definitely will be looking for A Zest for Life. I love the series and will keep up with all episodes. I agree with the other comment that asked about Hannah’s sister. I realize it may be part of the departure from the novel series, but seems kinda weird considering how much the other episodes relied on Andrea’s and Hannah’s interactions.

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