5 thoughts on “Two New Hallmark Mysteries Announced

  1. I loved Alexia Gordon’s Gethsemane Brown series. All five books were so entertaining. I’m thrilled that they’ve actually made this into a Hallmark mystery. I hope I can look forward to films of all five books!

  2. Hooray! New mysteries at last, instead of the sappy stories of a single/widowed or divorced woman or man coming home with a child in tow to save the family farm or winery or hardware store, & finds love along the way. More complicated stories are very welcome.

  3. The two new Hallmark Mysteries look like fun.
    But my family and I are still seriously bummed that they haven’t brought back Mystery 101. It was such a great show.
    Or even the Emma Fielding Mysteries, or Fixer Upper Mysteries. They all had books offering up more mysteries. They all had great believable plots, and they were clean and entertaining. We really need these shows.

    1. Mystery 101 remains my favourite Hallmark Mystery series but I think at this point the two stars are not going to return after waiting for as long as they could. I never say the Emma Fielding Mysteries but I binged Fixer Upper in like a couple of weeks Kilcher is a great choice for a Mystery lead and they should give her a new series. Thanks for visiting Hollywood North News!

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